10 commandments for dating my daughter video

Giving up is not part of the man’s vocabulary that wants to marry my daughter (Colossians ).

Whether he’s a construction worker, pastor, artist or doctor, the most vital components around his occupation are whether or not he works unto the Lord.

Also, if he's not a Christian, he's not an option (being equally yoked is a pre-requisite to everything else–see 2 Cor. My Dad loves the old adage, when the going gets tough–the tough get going.

The character of a man makes lasting love possible.

What I’m referring to is a continual communication of biblical truths and common sense regarding how our daughters and sons should approach the pursuit of relationships with the opposite sex.As we discussed this topic over the years, my daughter has heard me say this over and over again.Anyone can put on a show for a few months or even a year. True character is something that grows over time and perseveres. A strong work ethic and commitment to see things through Success is so often defined by years of strenuous work and discipline. However, a man that is dedicated to his wife and family will see it through the hard times by a disciplined life that is devoted to hard work.Without humility there is no grace, and a graceless life will lead a man down a path of prideful destruction.A humble man listens to the needs of his wife and is quick to seek forgiveness when he is wrong.I can still recall "the talk" we had when I mentioned to my dad that I was thinking about asking my then-to-be wife to marry me.We were driving at the time, and I still remember the comment he made, "You need to marry her before she finds out everything about you." While my dad was kidding to some degree, he was totally serious about his instructions, and he couldn't have given me better advice.A godly man embraces hard work as a means to glory God and provide for his family. How he loves his own family It’s a very telling sign when a young man treats his mother or father with disrespect.My daughter would be the first one to tell another young woman, run from the guy that dishonors his parents.Before I get into the details around this list, I want to first encourage the obvious.As a Dad, I must be involved in an active dialogue around the topic of what “biblical relationships” look like with my daughters and sons.

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