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Contact Divorce Lawyers You should contact a few different divorce lawyers in your area.

Ask a few questions about their current workload and find out if they would be interested in helping you.

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You should ask a few questions about their track record and make sure they have a history of helping their clients get the results they want, especially for cases similar to yours. Take the time to meet with a few different divorce lawyers in your area so you can compare their fee structure and their background.

Don’t hesitate to ask for some references so you can get in touch with some of their former clients. Look for a lawyer who has enough time to work on your case, who has experience with similar cases and who asks plenty of questions about your situation during your free consultation.

You might be able to get some recommendations by talking to friends or co-workers.

Schedule A Free Consultation Most lawyers will give you a free consultation.

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Ask About Their Track Record A good divorce lawyer should give you realistic expectations regarding your divorce.

Do not choose a lawyer who says the things you want to hear or who promises you a positive outcome before knowing all the details of your case.

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