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In 1999, Captain Charles Moore, founder of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, was the first to study surface samples of the Great Garbage Patch within the North Pacific Gyre, located roughly midway between Hawaii and San Francisco.On his most recent expedition in 2014, Captain Moore found clear evidence that the density of plastic particles within the Great Garbage Patch has risen significantly since 2009. Plastics act like a sponge, soaking up chemicals that are ingested by fish, and in turn either killing the fish or harming their predators—humans.I picked it up and started heading for the trash can, but the tray was perfect for a little hand plane of sorts, for bodysurfing.” Peirsol braved the brown tide and used the dinner tray to help propel him down the wave.“I had to at least smile that I was making the best of the situation,” he says.According to Heal the Bay, the two biggest hotspots for trash come from the mouth of the L. Our city is one of the most highly populated areas in southern California, with approximately 4 million people—a 2.4 percent increase from 2010. A recent National Resources Defense Council study estimates California coastal communities are spending (collectively) more than 8M a year to prevent trash from getting into our waters, including street sweeping, manual cleanup, beach cleaning and public outreach, but it’s done little to stem the brown tide. Even with just 10 percent of our plastic being recycled, there’s a 0,000,000 deficit in the California Bottle Bill; it’s actually cheaper to make new plastic bottles than to recycle them.There are at least 11 million of us if you include the entire L. San Francisco has just banned the sale of plastic water bottles, and Los Angeles should do the same.“There was a swell and it looked really fun,” he says.

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Much of it travels through storm drain outlets that go into rivers and creeks. It also stands to reason that more populated areas produce more trash.But single-use, or “throw-away” plastic, is the biggest culprit. California spends an estimated million annually to landfill discarded plastic bags, according to The stakes are much higher now than they were 20 years ago.Regulations help to mitigate the problem, but our precedent-setting California state ban on single-use plastic bags is now at risk of being overturned, after the plastics industry (with its lobby power and deep pockets) successfully delayed the July 1st effective date. If the problem persists without practical and economically sound solutions to reduce plastic waste, we face radical changes to our ocean and will cause irreparable harm to the ocean’s ecosystem.Styrofoam containers are the second-biggest problem—the ban against Styrofoam (EPS) extends only to city and county food containers, and does not include L.A.’s thousands of restaurants and fast food locations.He’s worked as an ambassador with the Global Water Foundation and the Surfrider Foundation, and been a spokesman for Oceana.The Expanding Plastic Problem Few issues are more concerning than the growth of plastic marine pollution.(Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Aaron Peirsol (CHINA OUT until Sep 12th 2004) (NEWSWEEK, US NEWS & WORLD REPORT OUT until Sep 12th 2004) less ATHENS - AUGUST 19: Aaron Peirsol of USA reacts after he was disqualified in the men's swimming 200 metre backstroke final on August 19, 2004 during the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games at the Main Pool of the ...more 2004-08-20 PDT Athens -- Thursday night at the pool featured a disqualification, then a reversal of the disqualification, then protests of the reversal of the disqualification.“It’s a hard thing for people to wrap their heads around.It’s out of sight, out of mind for a lot of people,” says Peirsol.

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