Accommodating learning disabilities

The World Bank has also recently launched a Trust Fund to support Disability-Inclusive Education in Africa, with funding from USAID.The million Trust Fund seeks to increase access for education among children with disabilities by building knowledge and capacity across the region.After intensive support from teachers who helped her acquire the skills she needed to attend school and learn, Reebha now attends the mainstream upper primary school next door.

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Watch this video to learn more about the important role of teachers, school management, and parents in supporting the learning of all students, including those with disabilities and/or special educational needs.The data shows that educational attainment and literacy have increased for children with disabilities, but at a much slower pace than for children without disabilities.The study finds, for example, that less than half of children with disabilities complete their primary education and as many as three in ten never enroll in school.“More than gender or socio-economic status, disability has an outsize impact on a child’s opportunities to learn,” said Quentin Wodon, World Bank lead economist and co-author of the study.“Getting children with disabilities and other disadvantages into school and learning demands urgent action.”The World Bank is supporting inclusive education for children with disabilities through lending projects, advisory activities, and analytical work.Here are some of them: Teaching sign language in Vietnam The Vietnam Intergenerational Deaf Education Outreach Project developed professional human resources for preschool education for the deaf.Testing innovative methods in Malawi Through the Inclusive Education for Disabled Children program, the World Bank supported the testing of innovative methods to promote the enrollment of disabled children who were excluded from mainstream schools.The program conducted sensitization campaigns in 150 schools, developed guidelines to screen, identify and assess different disabilities, and produced resources for parents on how to provide life skills to children with disabilities.It trained deaf adults to become mentors to children, while also training about 200 hearing teachers in the use of sign language, and over 50 communication facilitators and sign-language interpreters.A video about the project tells the story of Linh and Tu, a sister and brother who have been deaf since birth but can now communicate with their family in sign language as a result of home visits by a trained teacher.For example, the World Bank is assessing the impact of a program in Kenya that is supporting students with visual impairments in the use of computers.In China, a World Bank-supported research team carried out a survey among school officials, teachers, parents, and students of attitudes to and perceptions of inclusive education in counties that are to be included in the Guangdong Compulsory Education Project.

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