Accommodating religion

However, accommodation should not only be a requirement.

It is good human resource practice to create an open environment that recognizes religious practices of all employees.

In this webinar, learn from legal expert Dave Mc Kechnie of Mc Millan about the duty to accommodate employees’ religious practices and hear from Irit Kelman, Mount Sinai, and Debbie Pawelczyk, RBC, on how to create and implement practical accommodation policies for your company.There are 698 rooms across the four halls, divided into a total of 76 flats each sharing a large, communal kitchen.Each block is accessible by lift This hall is close to the Kingston Lane entrance to the campus, and to the sports facilities.What may work in one circumstance, may not in another.The policy should emphasize that it is a collaborative process between the employer and employee and that both parties should be flexible and creative in reaching a solution.Employers should ask for further information about the request if it is unclear.This is not necessarily challenging the request, but seeking clarification.Webinar slides: Download a PDF of the webinar slides.Canadian Human Rights Commission: Creating an Inclusive Workplace Canadian Human Rights Commission: Duty to Accommodate Ontario Human Rights Commission: Religious Accommodation Checklist Sample Accommodation Policy Webinar: Separation of Church and Work: What Employers Need to Know About Accommodation This seminar explains the duty to accommodate employees’ religious practices and how to implement these changes in your organization.Having interests beyond the law can really hit the spot.We want you to pursue them, and we make a point of giving you the tools to make that happen.

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