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Special Considerations on Self-Neglect: Self-neglect cases often arise when an individual's ability to care for themselves in their home environment is compromised by disease, illness or injury.

In these cases there is often a conflict between an individuals’ desire for autonomy versus the need for assistance.

“Neglect” means the failure of a caregiver, as evidenced by an act, omission, or course of conduct, to endeavor to secure or maintain adequate care, services, or supervision for an individual, including food, clothing, shelter, or physical or mental health care, and creating the significant risk or danger to the individual’s physical or mental health.

“Emotional abuse” means language or behavior that serves no legitimate purpose and is intended to be intimidating, humiliating, threatening, frightening, or otherwise harassing, and that does or reasonably could intimidate, humiliate, threaten, frighten, or otherwise harass the individual to whom the conduct or language is directed.When self-neglect exists or is suspected, an Elder/Adult at Risk investigator will assist in seeking a resolution that provides for the older adult's well-being in the least restrictive manner. Upon receiving a report of abuse, financial exploitation, neglect or self neglect or other concern about an Elder/Adult at Risk, a referral will be made to Adult Protective Services to follow up with an investigation of the concerns addressed.The initial goal of an investigation is to verify the safety of the Elder/Adult at Risk and to inform them of their rights under the State Statutes.Additionally, the victim may not wish to lose their relationship with the perpetrator because that person may fulfill other important roles in the older adult's life (i.e.caregiver, social support, only family member, etc.).Usually this crime is perpetrated by a family member or trusted friend.Quite often the victim would like compensation for the crime but due to loyalty they do not want to see the perpetrator charged in a court of law.“Unreasonable confinement or restraint” includes the intentional and unreasonable confinement of an individual in a locked room, involuntary separation of an individual from his or her living area, use on an individual of physical restraining devices, or the provision of unnecessary of excessive medication to an individual, but does not include the use of these methods or devices in entities regulated by the department if the methods or devices are employed in conformance with state and federal standards governing confinement and restraint.“Financial exploitation” (formerly material abuse) means any of the following: Special Considerations on Financial Exploitation: Financial exploitation is a serious and delicate issue.If the abuse or neglect is occurring in a Wisconsin State Licensed Facility, call the Ombudsman for the Elderly and Disabled at 1-800-815-0015.If the abuse or neglect is occurring outside of Dodge County, Wisconsin, call the Eldercare Locator at 1-800-677-1116 What constitutes Elder/Adult at Risk (formerly known as Elder Abuse/Neglect)?

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