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• State and local fire officials have directed Mississippi State University to enforce the state burn ban, already in effect in Oktibbeha County, during Saturday’s football game with Samford.The state’s 52-county burn ban awas implemented as part of an ongoing and protracted drought which has raised wildfire concerns in the state.

They also advise people to remove any standing water from their yards.MSU Police Chief Vance Rice said the language of the ban prohibits the use of charcoal, wood pellets, or other fire cooking methods that produce coals and embers.Gas grills are allowed, but users are expected to maintain maximum fire safety.Executive Director Dick Guyton said, “Now it’s time to maintain it.” The third and final phase of the renovation was centered around the lake and surrounding area.• The State of Mississippi asked two federal judges on Monday to consolidate both lawsuits challenging the way the state cares for mentally ill citizens.Under state law, any person who knowingly and willfully violates a burn ban is guilty of a misdemeanor and may be fined between 0 and 0.• The Mississippi Department of Education is preparing four “endorsement options” to supplement the high school degrees it grants: career and technical, STEM, academic and distinguished academic.“These strategic investments help us accomplish our core mission – create jobs, build communities, and improve the lives of families across Mississippi and the Delta,” Masingill said.• After more than four years and more than million, the renovation and expansion of the Elvis Birthplace and Museum is complete, the Daily Journal reports.In August, the Department of Justice broke off negotiations with the State Department of Mental Health and filed a complaint to force the department to provide more community-based mental health care for mentally ill residents. The museum was closed in February 2015 to expand the facility by approximately 7,500 square feet.Six years earlier, in a lawsuit that is still pending, three plaintiffs sued then-governor Haley Barbour, arguing that “children with behavioral and emotional problems face a rigid, facility-based mental health system that both ignores and exacerbates their needs.” In its motion Monday, the state argued that the two cases should be consolidated because they share several issues, including two defendants, the involvement of the federal government, and similar challenges to Mississippi’s mental health laws. District Court Judges Carlton Reeves, who is assigned to the Department of Justice Complaint, and Henry Wingate, who is on . The new displays span the War of 1812 through the global war on terrorism.

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