Age dating dinosaur bones

It is pretty interesting to read about possible mentions of dinosaurs in the Bible.In fact, many dragon legends are probably based on actual observations of dinosaurs, making sense of the numerous dragon legends throughout the world. I wanted to thank you for keeping up with the site and just for providing such a plethora of information. Using the same geologic column dating that old-earth believers use, many dinosaurs remains are found in Cretaceous limestone, which is allegedly 144 to 65 million years old.I hope to subscribe to the magazine soon, and possibly make a contribution to Ai G, since I am being fed so much!! There have been human fossils found in this same level, though controversial.1 So by their own dating, these humans should be the same age.They can measure the ratios of the elements in creatures that have died “Having established the world-wide uniformity of the radiocarbon assay at the present time, it seems a logical assumption that this would have been true in ancient times.” [Science Magazine, Vol. (In fact, we know the ratios are changing now, and have been over time.) A THEORY’S PREDICTION IS INCORRECT, BUT IT CAN’T BE THE THEORY THAT’S WRONG…Since modern scientists “know” dinosaurs died millions of years ago, In this particular case, the dinosaurs were dated to between 10,000 and 25,000 years old.I get excited about coming to work now just so I can peruse the site during down time. Scientists see what depth the bones were found, and translate it to a date based on uniformitarian assumptions.I have learned more in reading one article on this site, than I did in my entire time in science classes in public education. You’ve surely seen a geologic column picture with dates to the side. When someone finds a dinosaur bone, he gauges the depth of the bone and then uses the date that is assigned to that depth.

They can measure the ratios of carbon-14 to carbon-12 in the atmosphere today. March 4, 1949] But if there were any kind of recent catastrophe — such as a global flood, for example — the atmospheric ratios of the two carbon atoms would probably have changed over time, and would still be changing even now.

Humans could have just as easily been hunting them.

After all, I want to encourage you to study this in more detail.

There truly is overwhelming evidence for the case for Christ and creation. As Christians, we look at this same evidence: dinosaurs and the depth at which their bones are buried.

The idea of understanding genesis to better understand who Christ was and what He accomplished has opened new doors for deep revelation. Then we look at the biblical explanation of the geologic layers (image taken from Time for an Upgrade? Most of those fossils were probably formed in the early stages of the Flood, which occurred around 4,500 years ago.

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