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Still well-written and coherent, he went on to say that he didn’t check his account often and would I use his real email.

I have a private email account that I use ONLY for online dating and is not connected to any of my personal info so I felt comfortable using that and agreed to this. He wrote: I believe strongly in love and her values, I am originally German-Swiss, I have two dogs and two cats as well…you can tell i love animals and animals lovers are true lover…is that true ? Weird sentence structure and that “true lover” thing set off a tiny alarm.

All three of these film characters with a scar, mark or illness is either a victim or psychotic killer.

I could probably act the part, but in real life I am neither of these things. How would I feel if a child used my character’s name as a term of abuse?

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He was a former recording artist and session musician who had worked with Wilson Pickett and had set up Tent Records Ltd in 1982.

Someone who wants to be friends first doesn’t send a leading comment like that.

I went to recheck his profile and realized he’d hidden it….another clue. I wrote and asked him a few questions about things I vaguely remembered from his profile. Surprisingly he writes back: Getting to know more about each other is all about asking and getting answers yes! I didn’t email back because THAT’S what you do when you realize you’re in contact with someone who’s not who they say they are.

So now I’m really curious as to how he’d react to an email that is off the “script” he’s obviously trying to guide me into (Plus…I’m sensing an impending blog post on this exchange…LOL). But you CANNOT actually be in love with someone you’ve never met face to face.

I write and ask some specific questions: I think you said you live in Alpine? Here’s hoping we all catch only Starfish from now on!

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