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The collective labor agreement in the Netherlands for cleaners is 12.44 euros per hour. When he complained about the bill he received from the landlord, they claimed that the cleaning costs are completely normal.

The landlord refused to change anything in the bill and was even kind enough to advise the expat to take legal action, but warned him that the cost of taking him to court would be a lot more than the amount he was losing from the deposit.

In recent years, the Shallow Man has regularly heard stories about how some Dutch landlords come up with the most incredible excuses to keep their hands on the rental security deposits of their expat tenants.

The norm in the Netherlands is that as a tenant you’ll pay two or even three months rent as a deposit.

Some ATMs read and count the bills as you insert them, while others require you to stuff the cash into an envelope (so it will be counted later by a bank employee).

Funds availability: ATM deposits are convenient, but the funds might not be available in your account immediately after making a deposit – even though you’re depositing cash.

When you end up with more cash than you can spend, it’s best to deposit that money into a bank account.

The funds are safe, and your cash can’t get stolen or burn in a fire.

The purpose of this money is to protect the landlord in case you damage the apartment or leave owing rent.That might make life easier if you're traveling or you've moved since opening an account.Nowadays, you can deposit cash at ATMs with a reasonable degree of confidence (which means no more banking hours).ATM deposits usually work just fine, but there is more risk at the ATM than there is with a teller.Any mechanical failure or network glitch can cause problems – and it may be several days before the issue is resolved.I followed up with the reader and confirmed his situation which was as follows: The hand written invoice above is surely one of the greatest works of fiction in history.Forget Dickens, Shelly or Keats, here we have a piece of literature that is also incredibly poetic.If you’re trying to deposit cash to an online bank account, the process is more challenging – but it’s not impossible.ACH transfer: the simplest method is to deposit cash at a brick-and-mortar bank or credit union and transfer the funds to your online bank account.How to make ATM deposits: the process for depositing cash at an ATM varies from bank to bank.You may need to use your debit card and PIN to access your account before making a deposit.

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