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Molson uses the the MDDY version of Canadian-style bottling dates -- today is B258.

Although individual packages sold in the United States don't mention beer freshness or dating, the cartons holding 4 6-packs the carton.

Just cause a beer can stay for six months in optimal conditions doesn't mean it got those optimal conditions.

Six months is a long time to be sitting in a warehouse, moved around on trucks, and waiting to be picked up on a shelf.

Consider getting your beer where you get your other perishable food items! In his speech at Almanac's Beer Talks at SF Beer Week, Mc Donnell pointed out that freshness can be the source of community -- where is beer fresher than your local brewpub? "90% of Americans live within 15 miles of a brewery, so go meet your locals and buy six packs from them," says Mc Connell.

It's hard to argue with a beer that never had to sit anywhere but in that dark cool brewery.

Listen to Collin Mc Donnell of Hen House Brewing, who we talked to about freshness: "Beer is perishable and nine out of ten beers are getting worse the longer they stay in the bottle -- hoppy beers in particular lose a significant amount of aroma and start oxidizing (tasting like cardboard or cooking sherry) in a short period of time." It could really be that simple.

Like all the rest of the things we drink and eat, there's a Best By attached to beer, and as vigilant beer consumers, we should stay on top of it. Mc Donnell suggests that you look for "bottled on" dates: "Different beers, of course, age differently but a good rule of thumb is that beer will taste best in it's first 30 days in a bottle and taste real gnarly after 90." Unfortunately, not all beers have these super-helpful dates.

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Over the last twelve years, Consumerist has been a steadfast proponent and voice on behalf of consumers, from exposing shady practices by secretive cable companies to pushing for action against dodgy payday lenders.In 1996, Molson announced it was switching to freshness dating, and advocated a 110-day lifespan for its products.I have received a strange e-mail from "Shannon and Rob" informing me that Molson now uses the new system in Canada. ) encountered this new system in the United States.Now, we’re joining forces with Consumer Reports, our parent organization, to cultivate the next generation of consumer advocacy.Stay tuned as Consumerist’s current and future content finds its home as a part of the Consumer Reports brand.So rather than tell you when to enjoy our beers by, we let you decide.Here’s a quick guide to interpreting our bottled-on date.In the meantime, you can access existing Consumerist content below, and we encourage you to visit Consumer Reports to read the latest consumer news.When it comes to our beer, generally fresher is better.So how can we spot fresh beer, and the best places to buy the freshest beer? Some have a mashup of letters and numbers that seem to be random. Thanks to the Consumerist, we have a little help in uncovering the secret born on date.Here's their decoder ring: But this won't work for all packaging codes, like, for example, Sierra Nevada and Lagunitas. Beer with no freshness dating except a packaging code leaves you with few options; you can weigh how fast that beer moves at that retailer and how close the brewery is to where you're buying it and extrapolate a guesstimate of freshness, but the better option to to buy something you know is fresh," says Mc Donnell.

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