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Investigation Discovery, the cable network devoted exclusively to true crime, is the third-most-watched network among 25- to 54-year-old women — a key demo — and is the 11th-most-watched on all of cable. J.: Made in America,” were autopsies of an inevitable verdict, an indictment of everything from race relations to celebrity to the birth of infotainment.Errol Morris, whose 1998 documentary “The Thin Blue Line” helped legitimize the genre, recently announced he’s working with Netflix on a six-part, true-crime docu-series. And the Jon Benet case is the worst of infotainment; re-living it seems prurient and exploitive, nothing more.De Jong claims he didn't come forward at the time because he was "involved in illegal activities.""Actually, there is no truth to that story,'' Beth said."Every time there's an anniversary, whether it's the five-year mark, and now it's the 10-year mark, there's always, I hate to say it, just like some crazies that just come out and they have so placed themselves in Natalee's story. There is nothing to that story."This particular individual has been around for a while trying to get traction to get attention, but he has no information.After searchers had spent five months in an unsuccessful quest to find Natalee, her attorney John Q.Kelly took over the case and she spent the next ..Jul 27, 2011 ...

"It's hard to believe it's been 10 years,'' Beth Holloway told Savannah Guthrie exclusively on TODAY Monday. The last people the Alabama teen was seen leaving a nightclub with were a pair of brothers and Joran van der Sloot, a Dutch citizen who was later sentenced to 28 years in prison after being convicted of killing a Peruvian woman, Stephany Flores Ramirez, in 2010.His steadfast reliance upon the story he rehearsed with all three of those boys paid off. Out and out spinning for the POOR VAN DER SLOOTS, so far. Some may be true, but if they're telling the truth, why is that guy talking ninety miles an hour, about as coherent as Charles Manson on speed? Look at them--cheap trash peddling nothing but innuendoes, wild tales told in convoluted fashion no one can follow much, no real details anyone can check, no actual evidence, and corroboration non-existent. Why would Beth's BEST FRIENDS have confided in VAN DER SLOOT SUPPORTERS? Dan Young and Kelly Castillo believe what they were saying.Of course, this is just my opinion, as I certainly have no proof, but I believe that Judge van de Sloot knows what happened to Natalie, and wants desperately to protect his son. HUGE smirk like the guy has revealed the Kennedy assassination conspiracy because he got a copy of a computer read out that proves BETH got to Aruba 4 hours before she said she did. "SO MANY PEOPLE KNOW, THIS PERSON KNOWS, THAT PERSON KNOWS" and "...they're so.... Minister this and that we told a year ago...shook their heads...blahblahblah...." [Damn! He's trying to draw credibility from the audience by telling the people to whom HE'S TELLING THIS BS STORY that "THEY" ARE RIGHT, IT'S TRUE?! "THEY" HAVEN'T SAID ANYTHING, YOU'RE THE ONE DOING ALL THE TALKING, BOZO! Natalie disappeared not long before that "bonding" with the Van der Sloots. Whether what they are saying is TRUE or not, only documented evidence will tell.Multiple people have been arrested in connection with Holloway's disappearance, including van der Sloot, but none was ultimately charged.A judge declared the case closed in 2007, and then it was reopened in 2008 in light of a new interview with van der Sloot in which he appeared to confess, but he claimed he was under the influence of marijuana in the interview and was not telling the truth.S., then justice is not being served for Natalee,'' Beth said.In 2010, van der Sloot was charged with extortion and wire fraud in Alabama after he allegedly offered to tell Holloway's family where her body could be found in exchange for ,000, and was found to have provided false information after accepting the money. Kelley, told Guthrie that van der Sloot is expected to be extradited to the U. to face charges that could bring up to 20 more years in prison after he serves his sentence in Peru.Here we have the tragic progenitor of our “Toddlers & Tiaras” culture, a highly sexualized child many perceived as pushed on the stage by her mother, Patsy, a former beauty queen herself. “This case would have lasted in regional newspapers for one week if not for two elements,” Schiller says. Very simple: The police department said, ‘The parents did it,’ and a DA who said, ‘I’m not going to prosecute.’ ” True crime has been popular since tabloids emerged alongside Jack the Ripper, but it’s hard to recall a cultural moment such as this.“It’s the release of videos of Jon Benet in beauty pageants, and the release, days later, of still photos of her in hair and makeup. “Serial,” “The Jinx,” and “Making a Murderer” are phenomenons all, and the latter two have been renewed, as it were, for a second season.This past Wednesday, CBS announced it would soon air a three-part documentary called “Case Closed: Jon Benet Ramsey,” which seeks to solve the 1996 murder of the 6-year-old pageant queen, found dead in her home the day after Christmas.Also upcoming: Investigation Discovery’s “Jon Benet Ramsey: An American Murder Mystery,” Lifetime’s scripted TV movie “Who Killed Jon Benet? Phil special that promises to reveal “shocking, never-before-heard details.” You can also read all about it in this week’s six-page People magazine cover story, “Justice for Jon Benet?

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