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in September after Manhattan Family Court Referee Fiordaliza Rodriguez ruled that Mc Kenna was “irresponsible and reprehensible” for moving to New York to pursue her education while pregnant with Miller’s baby.

Rodriguez said a California court should handle the case.

Miller’s attorneys argued that Mc Kenna, “in her third trimester and while on orders from her doctors to stay off her feet, fled to New York City for the sole purpose of forum shopping.” A New York judge agreed and last September sent the case – and the boy – back across the country to San Diego.

Mc Kenna appealed, and two months later a New York appellate court ruled that indeed the case could be heard in Manhattan.

last month and was scheduled to testify to get him back on Monday."I'm going to miss him a lot." Through it all, Miller continued training and racing, knowing that microfracture surgery often requires 18 months for full recovery.It has been almost exactly 18 months, and only recently did Miller begin showing signs of regaining his old form, his old swagger on the slope. These are his fifth – and, he insists, final – Olympics.“For me, the American Bode Miller will emerge as the big star of the Games,” Austrian legend Franz Klammer predicted in British newspaper The Independent last week. teammate at the Sochi Olympics who has skied alongside him for more than a decade, considers the question.“I don’t know,” Sullivan says, shrugging. That’s all I can say.”“Nobody really knows Bode,” longtime U. Or he may crash in a tangled heap of skis and orange fencing. He had the fastest time in two of three training runs on the downhill course; he also slid off this same icy course two years ago and blew out his knee. He still lives life like he skis, still skis like he lives life – hurtling down a mountain, arms flailing, skis chattering beneath him, unsure what the next turn will bring. “He’s a complex dude.”The most decorated skier in American history may add to his necklace collection in Russia this week, beginning with the men’s downhill Sunday at the Rosa Khutor course that plunges 3,527 feet in two miles and produces speeds approaching 85 mph.Details about the agreement were not disclosed to the public but Mc Kenna’s attorney said, “There were compromises on both sides.” Mc Kenna, dressed for the custody hearing in a black suit and teetering on strappy stilettos, had previously opposed the transatlantic trip because her young son had not yet been immunized.Miller, who met Mc Kenna through the high-end dating service Kelleher, is now married to professional volleyball player Morgan Beck. He had won round one in the cross-country custody battle over Bode Jr.Insiders privately credited Dacey with Miller’s resurgence after a disastrous 2006 Olympics in Italy, where he had a fifth place, sixth place, DQ and two DNFs but won the gold medal for partying in the jet-set alpine resort of Sestriere.He entered Vancouver out of shape and out of form, and suddenly conjured the inspiration to win a medal of each color while behaving himself.“Definitely,” Miller says of Dacey, “it’s another example of somebody that it’s important that I make proud, so I invest a little bit more in the way that the world interprets my actions because I know she has to deal with that filter.”Or something like that.Mc Kenna and Miller reached the tentative agreement through March.On top of all that, in April of last year Miller learned that his younger brother, Chelone, died after having a seizure in California."He loved life so much; it made him easy to love and easy to be around," Bode told the ski channel shortly after learning about his brother's death.

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