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This will help you retain the most important information that you’ve just read.Don’t skip this step—as much as you tell yourself you can just as easily look through the book at your original highlights, it’s not the same as writing them down.URL: Bragging Rights: 3.6-star Amazon rating A relationship expert, Simpere discusses polyamory and practices to make it sustainable within your relationship.“The Art and Etiquette of Polyamory: A Hands-on Guide to Open Sexual Relationships” shows the intellectual, emotional and sexual sides of polyamory while serving as a guide to couples with questions.The book also offers suggested guidelines and rules to implement.

Call the first section “Highlights,” the second “Action Items,” and the third “Summary.”For example, if you are reading a book on how to talk to girls, and it discusses using a great way to transition to a more sexual conversation, you will write down that action step on the pad of paper. Some are based on theory and don’t have any actionable items. Do the best you can to find any action steps, and if you can’t, just continue on.

The first part of the book takes on questions and issues that someone new to sex could encounter—from getting over nervousness and issues of not getting an erection, to some of the basic (but extremely common) errors that men make today.

Bragging Rights: 4.7-star Amazon rating In-depth interviews with more than 100 people help Tristan Taormino explore the various benefits and challenges of being in all styles of an open relationship.

They throw out the myths and teach you the skills you need for a responsible, successful polyamorous relationship.

URL: Bragging Rights: 4.2-star Amazon rating Talk about “a full, fascinating glimpse into an untraditional relationship” – Sadie takes you on a ride through the peaks and troughs of her open marriage, being candid and honest the entire time.

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