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In May 2014, Michaels left the stage in the middle of a performance because of low blood sugar.He then underwent kidney surgery that fall and ended up returning to the hospital several times after the procedure.Bret Michaels, born March 15, 1963, in Butler, Pennsylvania, is the lead singer in the glam-metal band Poison, whose hits include “Talk Dirty to Me” and “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” In 2007 Michaels emerged as a reality TV star on VH1’s Singer, songwriter, actor, television personality.Born Bret Michael Sychak on March 15, 1963, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (some sources say Butler, Pennsylvania).Not long after their arrival, Smith was replaced by C. They were sometimes compared to Mötley Crüe, another up-and-coming LA metal band., was released in 1986.Not only was Michaels the group's leader singer, but he also worked with the other members to write all of the songs for the recording.Beyond reality television, Michaels is reportedly working on another film.He told magazine in 2007 that he has been writing another screenplay.

After playing mostly local gigs in the Pittsburgh area, the band moved to Los Angeles. Like some of the other LA metal bands of the time, Michaels and the rest of the group teased their hair, went heavy on the make-up, and worn outlandish outfits, which led critics to label such groups as hair metal bands.In 2009, Michaels was injured while performing on the Tony Awards.He was struck in the head by a piece of the show's set.In addition to his work with Poison and on TV, Michaels has enjoyed some success as a solo performer.He has maintained a hectic touring schedule in recent years, which has been interrupted by several health challenges.After completing work on their album, they were disappointed to learn that the record company did not want to release it. A sex tape involving him and former girlfriend Pamela Anderson ended up in the hands of the Internet Entertainment Group. It was unclear how the company got possession of the tape. Michaels also incorporated his diabetes into the program, teaching the contestants what to do in case of emergency.In the end, he picked Jes, the pink-haired cosmetologist from Illinois. This latest bunch of scantily clad bachelorettes have done private peep shows for Michaels, worked on motorcycles, played mud football, and completed other challenges while trying to win Michaels's heart. One contestant got so drunk that she slept through her own elimination.With new member Richie Kotzen aboard, the group wrote all of the songs for the album, but only one struck a cord with music fans, the up-tempo power ballad "Stand." Kotzen was later fired and replaced by Blues Saraceno.Michaels also suffered a personal setback around this time. That's all I know." After that scandal lost steam, Michaels went back on tour with Poison, with De Ville as a band member again.Usually seen wearing his trademark bandanas and cowboy hats, Bret Michaels became a rock icon as the frontman of Poison, one of the biggest hair metal bands of the 1980s.He has also recently become a reality television star with .

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