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Customer to Customer marketing has become more popular recently with the advent of the internet.Companies such as Craigslist, e Bay, and other classified and auction based sites have allowed for greater interaction between consumers, facilitating the Customer to Customer model.There are various platforms that Consumer-to-consumer e-commerce is taking place on, such as social media (e.g. Products sold may often be used or second-hand, since consumer to consumer sales are often facilitated through auction or classified sites.Since products are usually second-hand, surplus, or used there is seldom a long development cycle associated with the products that are marketed via this method.The C2C site also e-mails the seller to report who won and at what price the auction finished.At that point it's up to the seller and buyer to finish the transaction independently of the C2C site. Although it's free to shop and place bids, sellers place fees to list items for sale, add on promotional features, and successfully complete transactions.Some people wanted things, other people had things and wanted to sell them. The use of classifieds is referred to as classified advertisement.

There are many different classifications of marketing.

Specialty marketplaces have also been added to serve the specialized needs of buyers and sellers.

For example, e Bay Motors serves the automotive marketplace, including vehicles, parts and accessories; and (now closed) was focused on providing a fixed-price trading environment, initially for books music, videos and video games.

They do not have to check quality of the products being offered.

Consumer to consumer (C2C) marketing is the creation of a product or service with the specific promotional strategy being for consumers to share that product or service with others as brand advocates based on the value of the product.

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