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Camilla and Rebecca Rosso are so adorable and cute in this movie as Annie and Izzy Woods. it's better to have nice, real friends over mean, popular ones. Movie Review: This version of Legally Blonde is, perhaps, better suited for younger girls and pre-teens. I actually preferred this version over the original two. ), and don't let their blonde hair fool you, they are very smart, too! LOL Becky:: Right now, we’re really enjoying working together.We’re filming our pilot for Disney Channel together, and if the audience likes Legally Blondes, then we’d love to do another one together.And there’s this really mean girl called Tiffany who makes our lives miserable and she even frames us for something we didn’t do so we have to prove our innocence in the academic court!And throughout the film, we use the lawyer skills that we’ve inherited to get clothes and shoes for bargain prices! When the school's reigning forces turn on the girls and try to frame them for a crime, Izzy and Annie must use their cleverness and charm to clear their names and show the school that in the classroom or the courtroom, they should never underestimate the power of blondes! The girls are devoted sisters, who love fashion, their friends, animals (especially their dogs!

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But when we went to a live taping of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody which is open to the public, we were discovered by chance, by the executive producer of the show.

Milly: Legally Blondes is about Elle Woods’ British twin cousins, Izzy and Annie Woods, who we play, who move from England with their dad, and they go to a really posh prep school in California on a Scholarship.

We don’t fit in because we don’t have much money like everyone else at the school, and we stick out in a bad way because we don’t dress like everybody else.

, and she’s very similar to Elle Woods in that she’s girly, tries hard in school, loves dogs, and fashion, but she’s quite shy and out of the two twins, she’s less confident.

Becky:: I play Isabelle Woods, or Izzy, and she’s also very like Elle in that she’s girly, fashionable, confident, loves dogs, and she’s always trying to help Annie be more confident and outgoing.

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