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If you show up to family brunch noticeably hungover, you're a casual drunk; if your family won't ever have brunch with you again because of your actions at last month's brunch, you're an alcoholic.11.If you've ordered food after a night out, you're a casual drunk; if you fall asleep before your delivery arrives, you're an alcoholic.12.If you have a drunk one-night stand, you're a casual drunk; if you've been wasted every time you've hooked up with a guy, you're an alcoholic.9.If you've gotten in a drunk fight with a friend, you're a casual drunk; if you've lost entire friendships over a bottle of whiskey, you're an alcoholic.10.If you have a glass of wine before bed, you're a casual drunk; if you wake up hungover and puking, you're an alcoholic.3.If you have a drink before a first date, you're a casual drunk; if you have enough to black out, you're an alcoholic.4.

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If the morning after you drink, you gag at the sight of vodka, you're a casual drunk; if you pour yourself another glass, you're an alcoholic.14.

The only thing I've become is a more "sophisticated" drinker who spends her afternoons at happy hour while simultaneously trying to fit in a workout.

But I've got a job and I pay my bills on time, so sue me if I enjoy drowning my sorrows in tequila during the week.

Photo: @aniav via Instagram"AND, WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THIS PICTURE?

*there's no such thing as love, only evidence of love.

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