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A fuel man can go over the wall to help repair damage but cannot fuel the car during that stop.If a team changes only tires and doesn’t add fuel during a routine stop, the fuel man cannot go over the wall.“I think giving the drivers a choose rule would be something good to look forward in the future, but overall it’s status quo on the way the stages went.The cars are relatively the same, so there’s good momentum that we need to build on from last year.”This is the final weekend before NASCAR resumes at Daytona International Speedway.If you believe everything what TGOM says (which alot of people do) she reports that Chad cheated on Bruna with Lisa, and that put a damper on the engagement.Well she's a bit behind because before Homestead, Bruna hadn't been seen for months, and articles dating back in mid-august whenever they talk about Chad, they refered him to as a bachelor, or single.

At one point, Logano’s wife delivered water as he sat strapped in the car in full uniform.On a track where one groove is significantly better .“I know we talked a little bit about cone choose rule on restarts for some tracks,’’ Hamlin said of the Drivers Council. I know several of us were hoping so, being that there was such a disadvantage at some racetracks such as (you) happen to come off pit lane in the wrong lane, you’re not going to win the race, and that’s not necessarily fair.No fuel, no fuel man over the wall — unless it is related to repairing damage.Jimmie Johnson started to pull out of his pit box before his team stopped him because of an unsecured lug nut.(Photo by Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images for NASCAR)Well, that should just about clear up your recent questions about the status of Chad Knaus's engagement to Bruna Oliveira.The new girlfriend has put a damper on previous nuptial plans.That person can be replaced by a backup — even if they are assigned to another team.Say, a member of Stewart-Haas Racing’s pit crew is injured and cannot continue.The intent for such penalties was that since drivers are part of a team they should also suffer consequences when their cars failed to pass inspection in a timely fashion.Teams still will be docked practice time but they will serve it in the garage instead of on pit road. Teams cannot work on the car while it is serving a timed penalty.

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