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"But she's done a lot of thinking over the past few weeks, and has moved on.She texted Simon back with a message poking fun at his treatment of her. He called her shortly afterwards and pleaded for them to be pals again."Simon's made no secret of the fact he'd love to work with Cheryl again and, as far as he is concerned, the door is always open to her.Even the most ardent Cheryl Cole fan had to admit that there was something a little fishy about her recent nuptials, but that’s the trouble when your entire life becomes one long media narrative. And when they don’t trust you, you start to invite the strangest speculation… Certain cynical elements of the press thought this wedding was nothing more than a promotional gimmick.On July 14th 2014, Cheryl Cole made a rather surprising announcement: Technically, it’s two surprising announcements as “I usually do not discuss my private life” is every bit as unexpected as the part about her secret marriage. Admittedly, the timing was pretty fortunate – what with Cheryl having a new single to shill, a new fragrance for sale, a forthcoming album and a stint on to prep for.We have a different sense of humour and we take the mickey out of each other all the time.I miss that."Another name that might be making a a mighty return is Cheryl Cole.At the moment, there is a fifth guest judge role on UK and Simon is desperate for Cheryl to alternate with him in this role.She'd be a fantastic surprise addition to the live final stages of the show."Cole is working on her third solo album and is planning to meet with Cowell to discuss their future working relationship.

Sorry if I'm way late to the party with this one but it just occurred to me yesterday when reading Grazia. Taylor Swift also has to be a beard, she is only ever 'dating' men around whom circulate gay rumours. I know this is NONE of my business but thought I'd ask anyway.9th February 2018: Cheryl sparks engagement rumours when she's pictured wearing a massive diamond on her ring finger during a celebration of the one year anniversary of The Trust's partnership with L'Oreal Paris.Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has been leaning on Simon Cowell to see her through her divorce process.Despite the X Factor boss raking in millions from acts like One Direction, he revealed he became very depressed earlier this year because he was spending too much alone.“I just wasn’t myself and I couldn’t get out of it," Simon said. It was like coming out of a fog, that’s the only way I can describe it."Rumour has it Simon will be returning to the UK version of his reality music show following Gary Barlow's departure at the end of month.He told the mag he still gets homesick while in LA and says: "After a while, I think I’ve got to come back to the UK and I’ve got to become British again."I actually appreciate Britain more now.The 37-year-old New York socialite, who is pregnant with the music mogul's first baby, finalised her divorce from her husband Andrew Silverman this week.In an interview with Weekend Magazine, Cowell, 54, opened up about betraying his close acquaintance and said: “I let down a friend and I feel bad about that."But the good thing is I’m having a baby and never thought I would."The parents-to-be are expecting their baby boy in February and in preparation for fatherhood Simon has given up his bachelor lifestyle and says it's “totally changed everything”.It's the conception their fans and followers have been discussing since news broke Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne had become an official item last December.From analysing Cheryl's loose-fitting dresses and books on motherhood to discussing her mum's trips to Mothercare, the public have found themselves on one serious 'bump watch', and this week it looks like we got the first glimpse of it.As things are seemingly getting a bit tense between Cheryl and her ex – Jean Bernard is allegedly after counseling to save their marriage although Cheryl has already moved on – the X Factor judge has been turning to Simon Cowell to guide her through.A source told Heat magazine he’s been being brutally honest to Chez, calling her out for her Twitter spat with JB and telling her to keep him onside.

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