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Many high school coaches have relationships with college coaches and can help start the recruiting process for you.Also, if there are specific schools you're interested in, see if your high school coach can reach out to the coaches at those colleges.By your junior year, if you’re interested in participating in varsity intercollegiate sports, you should start figuring out what type of school you want to attend. Don't be afraid to ask questions to coaches, current team members, academic advisers, and admissions representatives to get the information you need to make your college decision.What division would best suit your interests and abilities? Talk with your high school coach during your junior year.In this article, I’ll explain the various steps of the college recruiting process.I’ll provide important advice for prospective student-athletes so that you’re able to reach your collegiate and athletic goals.

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Top level recruits, especially in the high profile sports of football and men's basketball, will be sent tons of letters, receive tons of phone calls, and may be offered athletic scholarships before they even enter high school.

There are two types of visits: official and unofficial.

On official campus visits, your transportation to the college, meals, and entertainment are paid for by the university.

The letter is an agreement that you will enroll in a certain school in exchange for athletic aid.

At this point, coaches have to stop recruiting you, and if any coaches contact you, you have to let them know you've signed a letter of intent.

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