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After getting his bachelor’s degree in philosophy in 1989, Wray stayed at Yale to study law, again, like his father. He was even, balanced, thoughtful, deliberative,” recalls Luttig, now general counsel at Boeing.(The summer in between, he married Helen, and they now have two children.) Wray later became executive editor of , and a former classmate who wrote for it, Nora Demleitner, recalls Wray as a “person of few words, but when he spoke, people listened.”In 1992, after law school, Wray clerked for United States Court of Appeals Judge J. “There’s a calm and a composure about him beginning with the moment that he hears the issue….

According to Comey’s testimony, Ashcroft then pointed to Comey and said, “I’m not the attorney general. Keep up with this story and more The next day, Bush reauthorized the program without Comey’s signature, prompting Comey to prepare a letter of resignation—as did Robert Mueller, who was FBI director at the time.

The Department of Justice then installed Mueller, who had been a lawyer in private practice, to serve as special counsel overseeing the FBI’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and possible coordination with the Trump campaign.

Wray is now Trump’s pick to succeed Comey as FBI director.

” says Jim Franco, a former college friend and roommate. No.” Christopher Wray, President Donald Trump’s pick to succeed James Comey as FBI director, sits during a meeting with Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley on June 29.

Or, as Roth puts it: “Would I do it [become FBI director]? The committee is scheduled to hold Wray’s confirmation hearing on July 12.

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