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Hendricks began acting in children's musical theater productions in Twin Falls. She made her television début in the MTV anthology series Undressed.

Her first starring role was in Beggars and Choosers.

It's about keeping our man by knowing what he likes. Those things you say are stored away in the steel box, and we remember these things verbatim.

Even if you're insecure about something, we love your body. It's about learning what you think is sexy and how we might be able to convey it.

She says she keeps telling herself: "Just walk down the hall and try to imagine that you know everyone is looking at you." When at home though, it seems like Hendricks doesn't mind being the center of her husband's attention.

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Fans of AMC’s “Mad Men” are already head over heels for redheaded firecracker Christina Hendricks, who plays saucy head secretary Joan Holloway on the popular series, and now it appears the folks at Esquire magazine are flipping for Christina too.

She appeared in four episodes of the NBC series Life in the recurring role of Olivia, detective Charlie Crews' soon-to-be stepmother and Ted Earley's love interest.

She also starred in music videos for "The Ghost Inside" by Broken Bells, She played Joan Harris on the AMC series Mad Men as the office manager of advertising agency Sterling Cooper & Partners, providing mentoring to a group of women who must deal with the come-ons and callousness of professional advertising executives.

Her performance has received critical praise, resulting in six Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

She appeared in the action-thriller Drive, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, alongside Carey Mulligan and Ryan Gosling.

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