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The need for integration of customer information remains.

addresses this issue and explores the varied forms of integration.

Ctrl S has what it takes to build world class datacenters.

Their unique six zone security in the datacenter gave us the confidence to outsource our datacenter requirement.

Companies may target a consumer, a business, a citizen, a taxpayer, a physician, a patient or even intermediaries, such as insurance agents.

Adding to this complexity, creating the single customer view can be hindered by dozens of internal barriers.

Internal politics, organizational "silos," lackluster executive sponsorship, mergers and acquisitions, data-quality problems, heterogeneity of operational IT systems, lack of closed-loop integration between operational and analytic systems, and the inability to generate and leverage customer insight all contribute to project complexity.

Without the right customer information at the right time, it is difficult to achieve CRM goals — regardless of company size, market leadership, or merger and acquisition history.

Creating and leveraging a single customer view for operational, marketing and analytical purposes addresses these critical CRM requirements, and provides a base for: The concept of single customer views and managing a master record of customer information are not new issues.

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