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The development themes are based on professional interests expressed by students in an entry questionnaire. A visualization of the cyclical interplay of Slackinars, small group collaboration, summaries, and Learning by Developing of the De Di We study module in Slack. Table 1 shows some interesting facts about Kazakhstan. Nazarbayev approved a National Concept for Transition to a Green Economy, an ambitious sustainable development paradigm.Each cycle is designed to propel the small groups’ creative development processes. The Concept aims at an economy of increased wellbeing of the Kazakhstani people while it alleviates the impact on the environment and degradation of scarce resources.

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Get full access to ARTHI 186Z You are subscribed to our Study Soup free trial.For example, an interesting comment or a shared PDF document can be pinned to a Slack channel for quick rediscovery for all the channel’s members.One can think of pinning in Slack as in pinning to a virtual bulletin board.Their efficiency and productivity in online learning delivery can be questioned.Slack’s growing popularity (Forbes 2017) in itself can be regarded as part of a movement where users are looking for alternatives to traditional online collaboration and communication methods.A Slackinar is perhaps best described as a chat-based seminar delivered in Slack.During a Slackinar, the transnational De Di We learning community lights up into a fervent two-hour group chat session where virtual contents are fluidly shared and commented on. https:// Raij Lb D Action According to the Central Asia Research Forum series (2017), Kazakhstan as the ninth largest country in the world is a large emitter of the greenhouse gas emissions.Typically, Karlsson set up a Slack workspace for his fellow students and himself when a new Learning by Developing group project started.Later, as a student in De Di We, Karlsson set up a Slack workspace for fellow De Di We students when the communication features of a traditional virtual learning environment were deemed insufficient.The left-hand sidebar displays channels and workspace members.A Slackinar group chat channel is active in the center.

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