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Nick and Chelsea were on the patio at Crimson Lights. Hilary claimed that she'd never been rational about Lily -- perfect Lily with the perfect adoring father, brother, husband, and children.They had been planning their wedding, and Nick confirmed that he'd reserved the church and the minister for July. Lily had never had to fight for anything, whereas Hilary had had to fight for everything. Chelsea was floored that Phyllis had shared the information with Sharon. She'd forgotten it was Valentine's Day, and she shouldn't have danced with Billy. Victoria knew it had been an innocent conversation between them, but she should have realized how J. Billy was floored that Hilary had known the whole time, and she'd never stepped forward with the information. Victoria stated that Hilary's advice had cost her a lot of money to pay off Juliet, and it had cost Cane his job. At the Top of the Tower, Phyllis griped that Chelsea had summoned her; she told Chelsea that it was unacceptable. Phyllis advised Chelsea that she and Sharon had discovered the truth -- that Christian was Adam's son.

Chelsea advised Phyllis to keep her mouth shut about the Chelsea 2.0 scam if she cared for Nick.

Sharon claimed she'd seen a woman with a baby, and it had reminded her of Sully/Christian. Mariah admitted she had and that she should have been up front with Noah about the kiss between her and Tessa.

Mariah stated that if things had turned out differently and Sharon still had Sully/Christian, Sharon would be raising Christian with Nick. Nick said that there was nothing worse than being lied to by someone one trusted.

Nick was about to leave when Sharon stopped him and said she had something very important to tell him.

At that moment, Phyllis arrived and interrupted their conversation. Phyllis said that Nick had to remain in the dark and made Sharon promise not to say anything to him. At the Hamilton-Winters office, Tessa told Devon that Hilary didn't appear bothered that Devon was angry with her.

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