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The original casting director for That '70s Show, Debby Romano, resisted Masterson's audition because he was slightly older than the rest of the cast, but ultimately allowed him to audition.

She stated that, "he came in and he was just so funny," and that he redefined where the role was going and made the role of Steven Hyde the, "tough, funny guy." Masterson appeared in all eight seasons of That '70s Show.

Masterson, through his agent, has denied the allegations, and Masterson has not been charged or arrested.

Er hat es immer bestritten, doch die Anschuldigungen reißen nicht ab.

He portrayed Jerry Rubin in the 2010 movie, The Chicago 8, written and directed by Pinchas Perry.

The Chicago 8 is a film based on the actual Chicago Eight in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and explores the events around the trial. The film is based closely on the trial transcripts and most of the action takes place in the courtroom.

Declaring that she "stayed quiet long enough," one of the four women who has accused Danny Masterson of rape has come forward. Fri, As reported by Vulture, actress Bobette Riales has accused Danny Masterson of rape, making her the fifth woman to do so.

Bobette Riales wrote Wednesday on Twitter that the former "That '70s Show" actor repeatedly assaulted her sexually. Riales used to date Masterson, and she claims that he raped her "repeatedly" in a brief post on Twitter. He started dating Bijou Phillips in 2005, they became engaged in 2009, and married on October 18, 2011Feb 11, 2015 ...

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political writer she calls 'the most conservative guy in the history of the world' ....

Their maternal half siblings Jordan Masterson and Alanna Masterson are also actors.

A child model from age 4, who was featured in magazine articles as well as television commercials beginning at age 5, Masterson starred in musicals as a child at the age of eight, and began acting as well.

Masterson starred alongside Sam Elliott, Ashton Kutcher, and Elisha Cuthbert in the Netflix comedy series The Ranch.

Masterson began DJing at Los Angeles night clubs in 1999 as a hobby, but it soon became a side business.

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