Dating a pathological liar who is captain sparklez dating

If they ask you to repeat yourself or ask you questions about your questions, they could be trying to buy themselves some time.8.They are master liars: Pathological liars are great at what they do.

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Remember, sometimes there is absolutely no personal gain for a pathological liar when they are telling lies.And, there was still some sort of continuing tie between them.But, as far as he had known, it was strictly a work relationship. Frank felt horribly deceived, and from there the relationship went downhill.Later, when some other issues came up where she had not been clear with him, the relationship died.If she had not been deceptive about the former boyfriend, the later issues would not have been a big deal.But, he still got a funny feeling about her work and her connection with her boss.Finally, Frank found out that his girlfriend had once been engaged to her boss.A pathological liar likes to “big themselves up”, so to speak, by telling lies that present them as either a hero or a victim.Dating someone who is a pathological liar is unhealthy and dangerous.But, once a pattern of lying starts, trust is difficult to reestablish.Why do people lie, and how can you set appropriate boundaries?

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