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If you're just looking to run across bridges that hang hundreds of feet above the ground and take some cute Instagram photos, you can easily buy tickets and go through the park on your own.However, the experience is a hundred times better with a guide.Our guides pointed out a ton of interesting plant life around us, including a plant with leaves that shrivel up when you touch them!

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You get a great view of the mountains and rainforest from the balcony as well.

According to another theory, the word is derived from the Hungarian húsz (twenty), signifying that 'one in twenty' was selected for service.

The hussars originated in bands of mostly Serbian warriors crossing into southern Hungary after the Turkish invasion of Serbia at the end of the 14th century.

Thankfully, a friend directed me to Anywhere Costa Rica.

They are amazingly helpful and make itinerary planning super easy.

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  1. These animals, which were already tame around humans, could be taken and used as hunting companions, or livestock guardians and different dog types likely evolved from these proto-dogs, not wolves.