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"When I first came to this school and met him, I immediately thought there was something special about him...

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Couldn't be more grateful to @shanelle_gray & @davidbarrygray for throwing me the most amazing graduation party ever last night..amount of love and support they've shown me for the past four years has been life changing."I'm very outgoing, so I kind of initiated the, 'Hi, I'm here! Spoiler alert: the story is like something straight out of a movie."I remember how I asked you to be my girlfriend behind those bleachers like it was yesterday," he wrote. ) "You have and always will be the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night.July 2015: The dictionary added a new entry for the word "goals," defining it as such: OK, not really, but you know what I mean.August 2015: How do you know when a celebrity relationship is really serious? It's like officially announcing your relationship in front of a zillion photographers and reporters (and, oh, yeah, the whole Internet). October 2015: The happy couple celebrated two years of dating.Our first argument was the day I think I figured out just how in love I was with you, because even though we seemed to absolutely not get along, opposites still attracted.From that day forward, we've had our trials and tribulations, but a day has never gone by where I haven't been madly in love with you.Ariel wrote a long, heartfelt note that expressed her feelings for Laurent.The whole thing is worth checking out below, but the smushiest section reads as such: "When we first met two years ago, I felt this insane, unexplainable connection with you and I knew from that day one that you were the one I wanted to be with.A special thank you as well to Sharon who is probably the biggest reason I was able to get through high school and accepted into college..pushed me to always do my best and encouraged mention you were always there for my 1am freak outs about late projects :) Anddddd thank you SO MUCH to all of my amazing family members and friends that flew in to celebrate with us- you guys are the absolute best.Thank you also to the ones who didn't have to fly in..much love was felt all around last night. Class of 2016...❤️ #uclabound A post shared by ARIEL WINTER (@arielwinter) on Meanwhile, Laurent looked pretty lonely on Instagram. possibly meant for Ariel: "I wanna hear from you," he wrote.

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