Dating commercial im getting stupid lewis

It's money spent on unneeded, unwanted and unused goods.

That's bad for our finances, doesn't help the environment and just clogs up landfills.

The next year, I polled 10,000 people on whether we should ban presents.

Yet he's skint, in debt, and has three kids – but pride obliges him to buy her something of equal value.

He would've been better off if Janet hadn't bought him a present.

Don't fill landfills Whether it's a naff knitted jumper from Aunty Beryl or a novelty naughty nurse outfit from your workmates, unused gifts are sent all the time to fulfil seasonal obligations.

Fewer than one in five supported giving beyond that.

Yet even with years of economic stagnation, each successive Christmas, Eid or Hanukkah, too few brave the peer pressure and shut up the giving shop.

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