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It has been driven round the site under its own steam and the volunteers working on it are really looking forward to it being completed and used.

It will nicely compliment the Museum's West Bromwich Corporation Daimler and Guy GS." Thanks to Mike for the pictures, and I hope he'll keep us updated about the Dennis. Four fabulous AEC Regals at Roger Burdett's facility just before departing to the Oxford Bus Museum Vintage Transport Festival on 30 July 2017.

I thought it looked like a Harrington body so I contacted Harrington guru Nick Webster. At the behest of North Western Road Car ECW actually got hold of a Harrington and copied it. Western had lots of Harringtons at the time, many of which swapped chassis and were rebodied from Harrington to Harrington to update and extend their lives.

Last autumn the owner called me again from Bruges and offered to donate the Guy to the Museum.

David and John Watts have published a history of JHW Watson of Rochester, who traded as Wilberjim Coaches.

The book also provides a detailed look at many other independent operators in the north Kent area and is generously illustrated with a large number of fascinating pictures dating back to the earliest days of bus and coach services, many never previously published and some from this website!

requesting to make it illegal for Historic Vehicles to be processed through scrappage schemes. They are (left to right) Burnham's 1948 Regal III CFK 340, Eastern Belle 1953 Regal III NXL 847, York Pullman 1954 Regal III JVY 516 and (my favourite) Salisbury / Standerwick / Ribble 1934 Regal I FV 4548.

At first sight it seems unlikely that anyone would agree to have a classic bus destroyed in order to save a few pounds on a new car, but one never knows what unscrupulous car salesmen might do to make a sale. Rachel Fielding from Blackburn emailed in October 2017 to say that she and Paul Fielding have purchased KTJ 502, an ex Haslingden Leyland Tiger PS1 with a Burlingham body and are enjoying her to the full. Thanks very much to Ken Jones for the photo - it made my day!

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