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For some, outbreaks are triggered by sunlight and saltwater, commonly for oral herpes.

For others, extreme stress and other illness can trigger outbreaks because their immune system is compromised.

I just hadn’t I know, I know, that sounds like total bullshit.

Herpes will change some things—we’ll talk about that later.

Ask your doctor to take a direct culture of your sores—a culture test is a solid bet at a reliable diagnosis, particularly of which strain of herpes you have.

A doctor who diagnoses you by sight alone can often be wrong and can’t tell you which strain you have (any doctor who assumes genital herpes is HSV-2 is not a good doctor—many people have genital HSV-1, especially women who get it from receiving oral from a partner who has a cold sore).

Many people contract oral herpes as kids and grow up with it, never thinking of it as an STI. You can also get herpes from receiving a blowjob and cunnilingus.

You can get herpes from rubbing your junk up against someone else’s junk.

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I’d walked around for a while not knowing I’d harbored the virus, and for those few weeks I’d loved myself and my life and the world at large.

Although everyone has a different experience with the virus, it does not have to be a big deal.

Take a break and go watch this If you are having an outbreak, can you get the medication that you need?

The people most likely to transmit herpes are people who shows that individuals with HSV-2 are “shedding” on 10% of days, which sounds scary as fuck but in reality varies from person to person and body to body.

We’re all special snowflakes with our own immune systems and viruses.

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