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Our point of view is that every young girl deserves the right to be a young girl for a number of years before she becomes a young adult.

Payment is for full-page illustrations and for partial-page illustrations.No matter which walk of life you come from, seeks to provide an all-encompassing online dating platform.The number one target is serious daters who want more than just a one-night stand. is based in the USA, Brazil, Germany and Spain, while the site is offered in 3 languages: Like, the males up the ante by taking the lead with about 55 % of the membership, while females make up 45% of the total subscribers.While on the subject of nonfiction, remembering that we use it 3 to 1 over fiction, those pieces that are accompanied by clear photos with high resolution are far more likely to be accepted.The ideal length of a HOPSCOTCH nonfiction piece is 350-375 words for a one-page magazine article or 700-750 words for a two-page magazine article.However, we are not about to turn down a slightly longer, truly exceptional piece if it is slightly longer than ideal.We will entertain simultaneous submissions as long as that fact is noted on the manuscript. We will pay a minimum of 5 cents a word for both fiction and nonfiction, with additional payment given if the piece is accompanied by appropriate photos or art.It welcomes the contributions of both published and unpublished writers.We reserve the right to publish all material from the magazine on our website as a sample of the magazine. Contributors will be compensated whenever their work is published to generate revenue and not strictly for exposure.The figure is smaller than other websites in the dating world but this number certainly expands the website's dating pool.There are at least around 2000-3000 people online every time you log in, which is a little if you compare this to other top internet dating websites.

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