Dating man too busy

When people WANT to talk to, I'm not a guy..I know how I feel about calling/not calling...these are my reasons too)I've been too busy at times.

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Some women were a bit put off by that, but a lot of my guy friends admired my resolve.Most people have cell phones and your gf/bf should be on your phone speed dial ....Someone else said they do not think its necessary.If you don't call for days then how is your is gf suppose to know you are thinking of her if you dont tell her?Starting something new, someone I don't know that well...I probably will postpone making that connection if I'm feeling overwhelmed.Anyway, now I tend to call or email more often, though I still don't see much practical justification for!Im a busy guy I own my own business and being from Calgary there is a HUGE work shortage so Im working 10-14 hrs 6-7 days a week so yes, Im a busy guy, but if I really like a girl, ill call her to say hi, make plans with her etc.I think that it should not be something you have to do, it should be something you WANT to do..... If they don't call you, it's because they don't think of calling you.If they don't think of calling you, it's because they don't want to.I've always thought this was a BS excuse, what are your thoughts? There are way too many variables to give a "yes" or "no" response. But if I am at a friends place and we are hanging out and catching up as we havent seen each other in a year, no I wont take 5 minutes out to make a call.But I will say that, yes there ARE times when I feel I may be too busy to make a phone call. If its a buddy that I I just hung out with two days ago and we are watching a hockey game, then yes, I will take that 5 minutes to call.

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