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in an effort to seem unbiased (at best) or drive viewership (at worst) the news seems to be equating a dinner with a 6 figure payment while refusing to include the details differentiating the two. Trinity BS 2012; University of Michigan Ph D 2018 Duke Chronicle, Sports Online Editor: 2010-2012 K-Ville Blue Tenting 2009-2012 Unofficial Brian Zoubek Biographer If you have questions about Michigan Basketball/Football, I'm your man!The world isn't binary, yet lately it seems that every issue is divided into two opposing camps by the news even though there are tons of important shades of gray in between. I understand the frustration and outrage about how this is being reported, but no one should be surprised. their Website: Louisiana H Friends (friendsondabayou) is a social/support group for people with herpes and hpv in the Louisiana area that are looking to find friends and support. their Website: Welcome to the Louisiana singles with herpes site.

Now we have made the ESPN scrolling banner, Breaking News, At least a dozen Div 1 programs identified as possibly breaking NCAA rules through recruiting violations as a result of FBI investagation, according to documents obtained by Yahoo Sports.

And I know for a fact there are many viewers like myself who would proudly give my clicks to those types of companies.

Maybe Im missing something, but I dont know of any such media outlets that do large scale reporting. I'm sorry Stephen A, Coach K's program could be in serious trouble because why?

Because Wendell's mom may have had lunch with an agent? Sloppy reporting, misleading headlines, all in the name of clickbait.

He's making it seem like Wendell was one of the players listed to who was paid 0,000. Look, I get it, these are real people that have real jobs and real families to put meals on the table.

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