Dating orgrimmar

Unbeknownst to Alexstrasza, Nekros had learned much about the artifact and how to wield it from dreams and visions sent by Deathwing.Nekros used the Soul to inflict excruciating pain on Alexstrasza, causing her to plummet from the sky, and then proceeded to enslave her as the other Dragonmaw bound her in chains.

Zuluhed ordered his clan's greatest warlock, The dragons finally traced the Demon Soul to the orcs during the Horde's conquest of Khaz Modan.

The thought of once again soaring in the sky was irresistible, and if properly tamed, these dragons would make excellent nelghor.

Deathwing coaxed Zuluhed to the Redridge Mountains, where the red dragon guarded the Dragon Soul.

After months of hard work, the Dragonmaw learned how to ride their winged captives in battle, and dozens of dragons were used to devastating effect during the Horde attack on Quel'Thalas, despite the dragons weeping in sorrow as they slaughtered the elves and burned down the forests.

When Orgrim prepared to leave Silvermoon behind to instead march on Lordaeron's Capital City, and the Stormreaver clan convinced the Warchief to leave them behind to unravel the barrier surrounding the elven capital of Silvermoon City.

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