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Der Tag bestand aus spannenden, visionären Keynotes, interessanten Fachvorträgen, Live Demos, Best Practices, Networking und einer Fachausstellung.Thanks for everyone's honest but depressing feedback. As one of the first casual dating sites we are totally convinced of the success of our service offer. We promise to provide you with the following number of contact proposals: 3 months membership: minimum 5 contact proposals 6 months membership: minimum 15 contact proposals 12 months membership: minimum 30 contact proposals Our members usually receive many more member contacts. If we do not provide you with the guaranteed number of contact proposals within your initial membership, your Premium account remains free of charge until you have received the guaranteed number! SO i wrote to paypal that it was an unautorized purschase cause i really didn t allow them to take 179,4 Euro . BAD NEWS is that i recieved a Email from the C-Date and they told that They have all the Informations about Me (adresse , photos , IP ADRESSE ...) and that i have to pay this Time 190,4 Euro or they will do SUMMARY PROCEEDINGS . I did another Account cause I wanna be sure of the prices if I found totaly other Prices to what i soáw before and to what i Paid for Exempel : 6 months was the price 9,99 EURO /month .The contractural Terms and conditions breach Eurpoean trading laws- the customer is penalised in relation to Unfailr Contract Terms (the get-out clause is in favour of the trader).It also breaches European trading laws in relation to a right to withdraw from a contract within a stipulated 14 days, in that it does not offer a cooling off period. I got messages From different girls using same photo!!!Denn die Auswahl wird nicht automatisch generiert, sondern handverlesen von einem «Verkuppler» getroffen.

There's no contact details on the website, no means with which to obtain recourse.

I joined for 0ne month..they are demanding 3 months membership £10 admin costs ...stating membership is automatic after the one month. And they will enrol debt collection agency to recover the funds. Don't know why everyone else is having so many issues with Cdate. Was chatting with a few chicks and they seemed real so imo this sure is worth checking out.

I've been using it for two months with okayish results. People, especially guys, let me give you a last advise: Go after the average looking girls.

I got email from them final demand notice or we will get debt collectors from a Martin Bell. Do you think I want to keep using the poxy stupid site for another 6 months and then no auto renewal! I'm Loreatha I'm new to this online date site.. When you try to send the fax then the fax is ALWAYS BUSY. I MANAGED TO REVERSE A PAYMENT MADE FROM MY CREDIT CARD YESTERDAY.

What kind of dumb arsewipes are these morons trying to get money for nothing. I am hoping i could find a real mature man who knows what true friendship is all about and would always enjoy a great huge conversation aside that am very humble loyal honest and straight forward but not perfect and its hard to find some one like that as well. I AM DESPERATELY TRYING TO ESCAPE FROM THESE FRAUDSTERS. Very dubious about getting messages from women, only to see they have never visited my profile!

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