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Occasionally, the contestant was a bachelor who would ask questions to three bachelorettes.Certain kinds of questions were "off-limits", such as name, age, occupation, and income.To determine the "looks" portion, the bachelor/bachelorette observed their potential dates (another change not seen on any Dating Game series beforehand) for several seconds; the three players wore noise-cancelling headphones so they could not hear what the bachelor/bachelorette was saying about them and they identified by numbers.The statement round was used to determine the "personality" portion.Other contestants who appeared before becoming famous included The Carpenters, Jackson Bostwick, Michael Richards, Joanna Cameron, Andy Kaufman (who went under the pseudonym Baji Kimran), Steve Martin, Burt Reynolds, John Ritter, Phil Hartman, Jennifer Granholm (Governor of Michigan from 2003–2010), Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Alex Kozinski.Serial killer Rodney Alcala's episodes were shown during his murder spree and after he had been convicted of rape in California.): was first hosted by Vicki Lawrence (of “Mama’s Family” and “The Carol Burnett Show” fame) and then by veteran game show host Bert Convy.It was like watching a fun little game of charades (except with drawing instead of acting) in your family room, with the additions of a live audience and some really perky famous people.

The first revival premiered in 1978 and ran until 1980, the second ran from 1986 until 1989, and the last ran from 1996 until 1999 with a season of reruns following.

In several weeks of episodes that aired at various times throughout the season, another format was used.

This format saw the players choose a potential date based on how good they looked and another based on personality.

What better way is there to while away a sick day at home than with a marathon of “The Price is Right” or “Family Feud”?

We were crazy about TPIR’s Bob Barker and “Family Feud’s” Richard Dawson in the 80s, fer sure, but let’s focus on those shows we loved back then that are no longer in production today.

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