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When she refered to me in conversation, one time he asked her “Is that the one without a butt? People with ostomies most often still have a butt and a butt hole.Sometimes when it becomes a permanent ostomy, the butt will get sewn closed to prevent infection. Sex is a HUGE concern for people with ostomies or talking about ostomies.Myth #8 – Only people with cancer have ostomies Many people who have had colon cancer do end up with ostomies, both colostomies and ileostomies.

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Myth #12 – Having an ostomy is like being disabled While there are really trying times, and emotional let downs, living with an ostomy is just living.Even trained nurses don’t know the difference sometimes.A colostomy is made from the large intestine or colon.This isn’t to say that other blogs are like this, but mine most definitely feels real when written on a whim.However that’s not to say that I do not envy those who find it a simple process of planning and execution! I had a dream, a really crazy, scary, realistic but inspiring dream!Myth #9 – When you say “ostomy” people know what you’re talking about So many of my friends had to google “ostomy” when I told them. Awareness is huge people, telling your stories will help bring acceptance. Before I had an ostomy I was always shocked when I met someone who had an one because they didn’t have a sign on their head or a swarm of flys around their poop stench. Myth # 11 – Ostomy bags are huge When you start talking about your “bag” people can have lots of misconceptions of what your bag looks like.Myth #10 – I don’t know anyone with an ostomy We are sneaky little MFers. I once had a friend ask me ” Are you wearing your bag? Most people really have no clue what they look like and how complex they can actually get.I’m a spontaneous kinda gal when it comes to writing and expressing my feelings.I really struggle with blog planning and find I lack sincerity, when not writing from a place of passion.Sometimes they are later changed to be permanent and sometimes they start out permanent. Myth # 5 – Ostomy = Colostomy Actually there are 3 kinds of ostomies.This is actually something I didn’t know in the beginning, if you read my really early blog entries I say “colostomy” all the time when I had no idea what I was talking about.

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