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Around 10 percent of FASD children are also born with physical symptoms - thin upper lips, smaller eyes, smaller heads - which makes their condition easier to diagnose.

That wasn't the case with Nico ('he didn't have any of the facial features').

Still in high school in Alberta, Canada, she and her boyfriend were shocked and nervous - but excited.

They stocked up on baby gear, followed every pregnancy guide to the letter, ate well, rested up.

When Nico (pictured, left, with his younger sisters last year; right, at home in Alberta last year) was younger, he would break items, punch walls, pull out clumps of his hair out and - on rare occasions - threaten suicide.

These children are prone to pulling their hair out, breaking furniture, and covering their ears and rocking back and forth in reaction to loud noises.It is a story all too familiar for the thousands of families across the United States - either biological parents or adoptive parents - who have struggled to get a diagnosis for their child's disability because doctors assume that condition belongs to a certain sector of society.If you meet a child born poisoned with alcohol, what comes to mind?Chances are, an image of an alcoholic mother and a broken home.As these six women show, that is not always the case.And because Natyra's alcohol consumption had been so minimal, FASD wasn't considered for years.Natyra married when Nico was two, and her now-husband adopted him, treating him as his own son.According to one report, 50 percent of individuals with FASD have a history of confinement in a jail, prison, residential drug treatment facility, or psychiatric hospital. Amanda and Crystal both adopted children not knowing the birth mother drank; Tina, Megan and Vicki all adopted children knowing they had been prenatally exposed to alcohol. They are full-time carers just like mothers of children with any other disability. They all describe the same reaction from people who hear of their child's condition: almost exclusively, people assume FASD is the byproduct of uneducated, poor, young, irresponsible mothers. A study from Vanderbilt University last month found that pregnant women who are white, college-educated, relatively older and have higher incomes are the most likely to consume alcohol during pregnancy, compared with other demographic groups.'Universally, these women have been identified as alcoholics or sluts, which has permeated all the different strata,' said Diane Malbin, the executive director of the nonprofit organization FASCETS, which offers workshops and consultations for guardians and educators of children with FAS.'And it has created this culture of fear where women who need help are too scared to come forward.'In exclusive interviews with Daily Mail Online, they shared their emotional roller coasters, their daily struggles and their fears for their children's futures.'I stopped drinking alcohol as soon as I found out I was pregnant - and my son still has FASD': Natyra describes 16-year battle to get a diagnosis for Nico who can't stand music and melts down screaming at the smell of Chinese food Living more than a decade without a diagnosis for little Nico, Natyra had started to do her own investigating - namely through Dr Google. Natyra Teske, from Alberta, Canada, found out she was pregnant when she was eight-and-a-half weeks pregnant and immediately stopped drinking.Her son Nico (left, far left, aged around 10 years old with his mom and sisters; right, far right, last year aged 16) still wound up with an FASD diagnosis, but years later because doctors didn't think to test for it Alcohol also alters the structure of cells, reducing myelination (their protective coating process) and the number of interconnections among cells.The symptoms of FAS can't be cured, but early diagnosis and treatment can improve a child’s development and outlook.Research shows that children do better when they: Therapy can help with behavior and educational problems. Medicines can help manage symptoms like hyperactivity, inability to focus, or anxiety.

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