Dating tips for eleven year olds

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 try listening to some good songs like:   Kiss who I want to - Chris Brown   For your entertainment - Adam Lambert   Boys and girls - Pixie Lott   Lying is the most fun - Panic!

Or you could try to drop your books near a guy you like and if he offers to help you with them say "no thanks I'm fine", but if he still helps you he may like you but if he says "are you sure? Look for good trait such as:  looks, intelligence, athletic and ambition.

" say "actually I could use some help thanks" and introduce yourself. Howler but my User name is Kira Wolf Hope you use this advise wisely.   Let the guy find you, don't go looking for the guy that will make you look desperate.

Make him notice you so be confident in yourself and do some thing with ambition.

Wear nice clothes because he wont like you if you look like a goth. Be yourself, don't listen to people asking you to be sporty just because he is or a nerd because he is. Never make yourself too available, he will think your pathetic, unless he is a nerd then he will not think much of it.

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  1. Look, we do want to see your hot bod, but get a friend to take a few pix at the gym or a sporting event. We really don't want to think about what went on in there before or after you took the picture. Write more than a paragraph if you actually want a date. But if you check the box "wants a relationship" and then don't take the time and effort to write a decent profile, the message we receive is: "I'm looking for a hookup" and "I use love to get sex." Actually, that last part is giving you too much credit -- it would require self-awareness. Sure, it works at a party; we're face-to-face, making eye contact. Take off your sunglasses and let us see the real you. We're not in college anymore and this isn't a frat. Stop putting up pix of you with the gaggle of girls you were hanging out with during your drunken escapades. Hey, let's face it: You're the consistent factor in all your relationships. There's nothing worse than showing up and discovering that I can't even recognize you in the restaurant.