Dating type 1 diabetics

Every Type 1 diabetic's bedside table should contain three things: condoms, glucose tablets/juice/food bars, and a blood glucose meter.

In the unfortunate event that your blood sugar drops during sex, having food within reach of the bed will allow you to get your blood sugar up and get you back in action in no time.

It is your responsibility as a diabetic to protect yourself and give the people around you the tools to help you.

It is essential for someone with Type 1 diabetes to be constantly aware of their blood glucose level, how they are feeling, and what their limits are.

Sex is an intense physical activity and as any Type 1 diabetic knows, this can cause a fast drop in blood glucose level.

Make sure your partner knows how to care for you in case you experience a severe low blood sugar level and are unable to care for yourself.

It has been particularly difficult for scientists to determine whether low libido in women is a result of diabetes, emotional issues, or some other outlying factor because low libido is a very common in women, regardless of whether they have diabetes or not.

These high levels of blood glucose can cause damage to nerves over time, affecting the extremities, digestive system, heart muscles and sex organs.

Females: Studies suggest that women who take testosterone supplements experience an increase in sexual desire, but the long-term effects of this treatment are understudied.Research suggests that erectile dysfunction may be an early marker of diabetes, particularly in men ages 45 and younger.Erectile dysfunction treatment options include PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis), testosterone injections or gels, constriction rings that sit at the base of the penis, vacuum pumps, support sleeves and penile implants.Many Type 1 diabetics may feel self conscious about their condition and try to hide it from their partners.If you do this, however, you may not feel comfortable asking your partner for a break from sex in the case of a low blood sugar and put yourself in a dangerous situation.This includes the total inability to have an erection and the inability to sustain an erection for the length of time desired by the individual.It is estimated that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes vary widely, ranging from 20 to 75 percent.Also, medications such as antidepressants can lower sexual desire.Talk to your doctor if you taking medications and notice a decrease in sexual desire.For people that already have diabetes, sexual problems can indicate nerve damage, blocked arteries, and irregular hormone patterns.People who keep their diabetes under control can lower their risk of developing these sexual and urologic problems in the future.

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