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It’s a story of two half-sisters: Iris the sparkling starlet and Eva the mordant sidekick, and their downward spiral, against the backdrop of World War II, from Hollywood to Long Island.

This book is about scheming and thievery, and how you can stitch together a self-identity out of all kinds of scrap cloth. This is not the romantic South Pacific of Bali honeymoons.

Hanya Yanagihara’s troubling, beautiful novel follows a young doctor on a research expedition to an island whose people hold a secret to eternal life.

From there, it examines scientific ethics large and small while riffing on the infamous case of D.

The final installment in the trilogy comes out Aug. In her novel about a woman who is repeatedly reincarnated, Kate Atkinson takes us to the same places—the English countryside, London, Germany—again and again.

The story is really transportive, though, when Atkinson plants her protagonist, Ursula, into the middle of the Blitz.

In Ishiguro’s sixth novel, a young woman’s experience at a boarding school for “special” children takes on new meaning.

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An elderly mother’s apartment in Zagreb, a broken-down Bulgarian seaside town, a circus-like spa resort in the Czech Republic, they’re all backdrops for the narrator’s exploration of what it means to be old—and a woman—in a world where being both at once can feel close to tragic. The books are funny, dark, and utterly transporting.Getting sick of feeling hot and sticky while stuck in traffic?Can’t stand the bugs that come out every dusk while you’re trying to grill?Considered a false distraction from the purity of the words within (especially when the author is a hottie) or consigned to a tiny thumbnail afterthought on an inner book flap (if it appears at all), it's often thought a piece of vain and trashy commerce, best left to be exploited by 25-year-old flavors of the month and aging, airbrushed blockbuster franchises.But treating the author photo as a bit of pro forma fluff ignores the theatrical possibilities--and even requirements--of authorship.Carleton Gajdusek, a Nobel Prize winner charged with molesting children he adopted from the South Pacific.tells a story of discovery, enlightenment, and hubris, set in a post-apocalyptic world.If you can get past the quirks of the novel—like frequent use of Latin—you’ll find a thoughtful mediation on religion, science, and what can happen when technological progress is divorced from morality.Adam Levin’s collection of stories took me inside the obsessive minds of people falling quickly and cruelly in love in Chicago.With his careful, welcoming prose, the author acts as a sort of docent to the opaque minds and hazy worlds of writers like Dickinson and Whitman who we now think of as “gay.” And later, once the “Gay Century” is in full swing, he arranges knowing conversations with queer writers—Stein, Baldwin, Holleran—who more readily fit within the somewhat limited boundaries of the term.Whitaker’s trustworthiness and arresting insight as a A fantastical mystery novel set in an alternate Britain where all bow down to the cult of the written word, the book features incorrigible, magically enhanced villains, very human heroes, time-travelling parents, and dodos brought back from extinction to live a life of marshmallow-eating leisure.

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