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Article Source: Writing Links In the first part of this article we learned some techniques to build a solid potential link partner list for your website.

Though the film's gay theme had undoubtedly ruffled some conservative feathers due to the explicit scenes between two hot young male stars Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal, it has already received considerable praise and pre-Oscar buzz.

Jake Gyllenhaal revealed that kissing a boy--Heath Ledger in the film--almost led to a broken nose for him.

Let's take some keywords and apply a few tactics to them to develop a good link.

A few keywords might be: Step 2- Create variations on those keywords.

Let's take a simple step-by-step approach and make sure your links are lively, catchy, searchable and gushing to be clicked.

Pretend you're the owner of a pumpkin company website. Step 1- Review Your Keyword List Those are the words and phrases that you want to rank highly with in the search engines. Note: "link text" is the clickable part of the link, the underlined blue type.

Lee had previously directed the winning film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." At a news conference in Toronto, Gyllenhaal stressed that "when you know you have someone who's made movies that deal with pretty challenging themes and has tackled them with the kind of universality and compassion that Ang has, you throw yourselves into the arms of that person and you trust them and you feel safe and you go for it." "Brokeback Mountain" is based on a novel by Annie Prouix and tells the story of a tormented affair between two men who meet one summer in western Wyoming while herding sheep.In the wrong order, they don't budge the cylinders in the lock.Number of links takes second place to quality of links.Step 4 Incorporating Direct Mail Tactics Now we have the words that will make up our link text. It doesn't take much to write a simple call to action.For example: Instead of "pumpkin pie recipe," say "Grandma's pumpkin pie recipe and all things pumpkin at The Orange Pumpkin." Now your reader knows the name of your business (which will also be indexed), and thinks if it's made by Grandma it's probably good... Step 5 Put it all together Take your keyword phrase and surrounding text and create your link. Grandma's and all things pumpkin at The Orange Pumpkin.He was even surprised at all the work he's had to put in for the role."You'd think you would kind of build up and work out to play a superhero or something, but it ends up being for a gay cowboy story," Ledger tells Jay Leno during an interview.The words you choose, varying them for each targeted link site, and incorporating some tried and true direct mail standard tactics will make your links more popular in the search engines, which is our ultimate goal. As we said earlier, links are a crucial part of attaining high search rankings. After you do that, then go back and tweak the little details to optimize for the engines. The search companies attempt to give results for human readers, and because a number one search engine position is worthless if the description of your site is the most boring thing anyone has ever read.The key to writing good "link content" uses the same tactics for writing all good web content. You have humans that are examining your site to see if they want to link to you.Think of phrases that someone might enter into a search engine. For example, take the few keywords above and make them a bit more specific to: Note: When coming up with additional keyword phrases (for use within your page elements and link) try this tool.Using that thought as the core, build outward by elaborating and specifying. suggestion/ is part of Overture sponsored listings (now Yahoo) that will tell you how many times a phrase was searched in their engines on the web. Step 3 Word Varieties Your link should contain enough words so that when read out of context it still makes sense.

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