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As mentioned above in the first section of this Revolutionary Sex book review, this e-guide contains 3 chapters. Concretely, you are going to learn how to be sexually attractive, how to stop performance anxiety, and how to last longer in your bedroom.Alex Allman indicates that sexual arousal comes from attraction; thus, it is very obvious that being better in bed also means being more sexually attractive to the woman you are with.Then, the creator offers you the fundamental ways to give a woman her very first orgasm.The factors men need to focus on include foreplay, touching, conditional rhythm response, listening with their own body, emotions, and giving her permission.The third chapter, the creator combines the advice for both YOU and HER so you can become the best lover possible.This is considered as the most critical chapter in the e-guide.

This program is designed for those men who really want to learn how to give any woman the most powerful orgasmic experience of her life.

In order to beat performance anxiety, men should become “present”, be patient with themselves, say something to quiet the worries inside your head, forget the fantasies, and focus on their woman.

In addition, you are about to discover the unique tips on how to start hard long enough to get her to beg for mercy.

Fact is, this e-course discusses the approaches to sex and the concepts necessary to know to have more amazing sex.

Through specifically discussing the proper approach rather than the specific techniques, Allman brings a lot more value to the readers.

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