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In 2011, when *Matilda was about to start high school, she opened up to an anonymous internet forum about the fact she had been harassed by an older man online."At some point my identity was figured out via Twitter," she said.

"People on the forum said that I wanted this man to say creepy things to me."Many of the forum's users called her an attention seeker and threatened to dox – publish private details about – her if she didn't prove the harassment was real by following through on her claims and telling the police about the older man's behaviour."I was obviously very terrified of getting doxed and scared that my mum would blame me for it,'' she said.

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The survey found the abuse and harassment had silenced women in online spaces — 40% either ceased or decreased their use of the platforms, as was the case for Matilda, who is now very apprehensive about sharing her real name online."Which sucks because I'm an artist and I kind of need to use my real name if I want to be a professional," she said."I'm also way more careful about who I open up to in general, even about very serious things that demand attention, just because I don't want anyone to dox me or harass me or anything." About one in 14 (7%) survey participants who had experienced online abuse or harassment had experienced the posting of intimate images of themselves online without their consent.

Facebook accounts were used by 82% of respondents, with more than half of those (43%) posting on the platform regularly, and about a third (32%) using their accounts to keep up with goings-on, while not posting regularly.

"I get sent memes about women being stupid for being Muslim."I get called things like 'cancerous cunt' and when I've tried to report it I have been told it doesn't violate [Twitter's editorial standards]."People have sent Lara photos of beheadings and called the prophet Muhammad a paedophile."One man told me he was great at oral sex but I wouldn't know because I have no clitoris," she said.

Lara said the abuse has been "upsetting" and she doesn't feel protected online."When there are times I am receiving a lot of messages I won't check my notifications." Of those who said they had faced online abuse or harassment, 62% said they had experienced lower self-esteem, or loss of self-confidence, as a result, and 59% said they had experienced stress, anxiety or panic attacks after the abuse.

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