Europe self liquidating loans

Mezzanine deals in emerging markets typically fall into two buckets: sponsored deals, where the mezzanine lender is part of a consortium including equity investors, and non-sponsored deals, where the mezzanine investor lends directly to the portfolio company.

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The various structures that mezzanine investors employ include secured subordinated debt, convertible subordinated debt and preferred shares.From here, the Western European Retail Banking Division serves around 400.000 clients in Belgium, Germany, Malta and the Netherlands.The Division emphasizes on offering simple, straight-forward and easy to understand saving products.Because mezzanine investors in emerging markets provide financing to fast growing, but capital-starved companies, they are often able to secure both equity-like returns and debt-like downside protection.A common refrain is that mezzanine strategies provide 80% of the returns of private equity with 50% of the risk.It also offers project finance, marine finance and working capital lending, worldwide.Credit Europe Bank is a niche player in structured trade finance, being one of around 20 boutique trade finance houses in the world, with tailor-made products and solutions.In compiling the report, EMPEA collected fund and investment level performance data from a number of mezzanine fund managers.Exhibit 1 provides a break-down of the data set’s demographics, while exhibit 2 outlines the performance of emerging markets mezzanine transactions by gross multiples.From our headquarters in Amsterdam, as well as from most of our subsidiaries and branches, Credit Europe Bank NV offers a wide range of tailor-made corporate banking products, focusing on commodity trade finance and marine finance.Commodity trade finance products are provided from three specialized desks: Credit Europe Bank focuses on traditional banking, international commodity finance and building its expertise in metals, energy and petrochemicals, fertilizers and soft commodities.

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