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Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield: the king and queen of lo-fi alternative rock in a galaxy far, far away called the 1990s.He, blonde, dreamy, a Bostonian, a bit of a Lemonhead, a professor of slackerology at Slacker Polytechnic; she, blonde, dreamy, a Bostonian, a Blake Baby, the singer with the Juliana Hatfield Trio, an indie boy's fantasy girl.By the early nineties, singer-songwriter and former Blake Babies member Juliana Hatfield’s solo career was taking off: She was on the cover of Spin and Sassy.Ben Stiller directed the video for her song "Spin the Bottle" from the Reality Bites film soundtrack.The gig will consist of each taking turns to sing a song from their back catalogue as well as some covers (this could get interesting if the choices – Townes Van Zandt, Christina Aguilera – on the Lemonheads' 2009 cover versions album Varshons are anything to go by).For music lovers of a certain age, the prospect of seeing them on stage together is too good to miss.

these chapters were mixed in with recollections about juliana's earlier life, going to the berklee school of music, starting the blake babies, starting to become popular as a solo artist, being dropped from atlantic, starting her own label to release her music.but this was a real disappointment.it's structured in a really bizarre way.the overwhelming majority of the book is a kind of tour diary of a tour shei'm sorry, i really didn't like this.lest any of this sound interesting, be forewarned: it's not.juliana somehow managed to take all the elements of a potentially good story & make them tedious & insufferable.& to top it off, i know it's a memoir & everything, but...i didn't like juliana.It was Juliana's honey-toned backing vocals on the Lemonheads' 1992 masterpiece 'It's A Shame About Ray' that showed what a good fit the pair made together.'My Drug Buddy' had teenagers and college sophomores with an essay due in the morning wistfully wishing to be able to swap roles with Dando just for a day – to be able to dunk the books and head out in the Californian sunshine to get stoned and laugh uncontrollably at nothing in particular for hours on end in the company of a bright, funny partner-in-crime who was bang on your wavelength.The results were sublime: three-minute gems full of melody and longing and razor-sharp introspection.Though the line-ups kept changing, Dando delivered pure rock'n'roll gold on albums like Come On Feel The Lemonheads and Car Button Cloth, channelling grunge, jangly pop, country and even funk.But there was also a depth to the material too – the title track of Ray, after all, delivers a sucker punch to the gut in its reflections on the suicide of a friend: "On the stone beneath the dust his name is still engraved." And yet, bizarrely, his biggest hit remained a fairly lame cover version of Simon & Garfunkel's 'Mrs Robinson', which the record company had insisted be added to the Ray album.The cover was conspicuously absent when Dando performed the whole album earlier this year to mark the 20th anniversary of its release.

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