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On his return, he switched to pushing a pram for the rest of the journey.

At the beginning of his journey, he ran about 10-13 miles a day but with the visa and winter kicking in (at which point several areas reached minus 40 degrees) after a couple of months, he ran approximately a marathon a day.

There has been growing concern among experts that the anonymity of net chat means young people are being targeted by adults pretending to be children.

"We have seen cases where under-16s have been approached by people pretending to be same age, but who are grown adults trying to solicit young people for abusive contact," Mr Whittingham explained.

It is at this point I tell Jamie that I trained five months to run one 10k race which I have since never repeated so the idea of running almost a marathon a day is something beyond my comprehension.

“They were really worried that I was this stupid Brit who knew nothing about Canada so they took me under their wing,” he says fondly."We have been concerned about chatrooms for a while and reached a stage where we were no longer prepared to put up with inappropriate communication," he said.The only chat service available to MSN users in the UK will be the free instant messaging service, MSN Messenger, which is not so open and gives people more control over who they talk to.I just plod away,” Since his run, he has set up the Superhero Foundation which aims to support people undertaking adventures and challenges to fundraise for mental and physical illnesses.As for his next adventure, Jamie isn’t quite sure yet.When returning to school as a tennis coach years later, a former teacher encouraged him to re-sit his English GCSE aged 23. “I sat at the back of the classroom with the – I got a B in the end, I worked my socks off for it! I ask what he does for himself and he appears to struggle to find an answer. I’m not saying it’s easy and not to say it’s hard work. Chatrooms on MSN's other global sites will either be supervised - or moderated - by an adult 24 hours a day, or will be on a credit card subscription-basis only.It means no free, unmoderated chatrooms will exist anymore on any of MSN's global network of sites.“I go out for a beer with my friends, we’ll just take the mickey out of each other. Microsoft's internet service MSN is to cut back drastically its chatroom services because of concerns about child safety, it said.

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